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            Die-cutting machine working principle and process

            Die Cutting Machine, Die Cutting Machine), also called beer Machine, CNC, servo hydraulic punching Machine, mainly used for the corresponding some non-metallic materials, stickers, EVA, double-sided adhesive, electronics, mobile phone protective film, such as Die Cutting (all broken, half), indentation and stamping operations, laminating, automatic exhaust, Die Cutting Machine use steel knife, metal mold, steel wire (or carved into steel template), through the pressure plate of a certain pressure, to print or cardboard rolled into a certain shape. If the whole printing press cut into a single graphic product called die cutting: if the use of steel lines on the printing press marks or left bent groove marks called indentation; If the use of Yin and Yang two templates, by heating the mold to a certain temperature. Hot stamping on the surface of the printing products has a three-dimensional effect of the pattern or font called bronzing; If you use a substrate in another substrate is called bonding; Excluding the remaining part is called waste discharge; The above can be collectively referred to as die-cutting technology, is an important equipment for post-press packaging processing and molding.