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            Nantong Jinjian Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd
            Nantong Jinjian Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd

            Nantong Jinjian Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd (Kunshan Jinjian Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd)is a domestic enterprise in China, which specializing in manufacturing waterless offset intermittent printing machine, letterpress semi-rotary printing machine, full-automatic label printing machine, roll to roll automatic screen printing machine, high-speed die-cutting machine, plate making machine and other printing equipments. And Electronic industry related equipments--CCD photographic cutting machine, roll sheet cleaning machine, diffusion film printing machine, oversize optical film cutting machine, abrasive finishing machine, laminating machine and semiconductor equipments, RFID and other intelligent automation equipment.


            Combine research and development, sales and service into one-stop service. More than 20 years, our company through continuous learning, development and innovation, the introduction of high technology, independent research and development of new products, own a number of invention patents and utility model patents, adhering to the "quality is the first, service is the highest" for the purpose. Now develop into an advanced design, complete varieties intelligent automation machinery manufacturing enterprise with good reputation.

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